Not as many people are interested in buying a grill for their home according to a new report on a recent decline in sales.

But that doesn't mean there are fewer people cooking on their patio this summer.

Barbecue Industry Trends

A recent article published by CNN looked at trends among the most recognizable grill brands. It was noted that several leading brands saw a decline in sales in recent years.

At the same time, people are grilling out more than they ever have.

Information provided by the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association showed that 80% of all homeowners own either a grill or a smoker. The same study released as the 2023 State of the Barbecue Industry noted that more people are grilling meals other than dinner including brunch and breakfast.

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Not only that, but the study also showed people REALLY got into grilling during the pandemic in 2020 when CNN says "Americans purchased more than 21 million grills and smokers."

That upswing, however, may also play a big part in why stores have a bunch of grills sitting around.

Why No One Is Buying A Grill

While everyone was stuck at home in 2020, they figured they might as well try something new. While some turned to making break, others took up grilling.

Multiple stores that spoke to CNN said their grill sales skyrocketed in 2020, but have since come back down to "normal."

Much of that can be attributed to the grills people bought in 2020 still being in working condition in 2024.


Barbecue blog says it is difficult to pinpoint the lifespan of a grill, but most parts work a minimum of two years. If the grill is properly cared for and it made of "higher quality pieces," it can last 10-15 years.

In other words, all of those grills sold in 2020 haven't needed to be replaced just yet. That time, however, may be coming real soon. CNN estimates that a grill typically lasts an average of five years.

"It's clear that the replacement phase still hasn't kicked in quite yet," the report states.

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