A man suffering from COVID-19 related symptoms collapsed while hiking with his family.

On August 8 an unidentified 44-year-old man was on the yellow trail near Kaaterskill Falls when he lost consciousness. A press release from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says the man was "recovering from COVID-19" and suffered from lack of oxygen. Especially warm and humid weather has made it difficult for many people to endure rigorous outdoor activity, especially if they are ill.

After collapsing on the trail, the man's family was able to find and wave down a forest ranger. The DEC officer dispatched other rangers who promptly arrived at the scene. After evaluating his condition DEC staff gave the man time to rest before slowly assisting him back from the falls to the Laurel House trailhead. An ambulance was called, but the sick man declined further treatment.

Medical experts urge caution for people suffering from COVID-19 related symptoms. While some may recover quickly, shortness of breath, dizziness and other difficulties can persist for an extended period of time after contracting the coronavirus. Anyone who is showing signs of COVID-19 including fever, shortness of breath or a cough should be self-isolating.

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