Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a new mandate on Thursday: 75 percent of a company's workforce can't leave home.

On Wednesday Cuomo once again told all businesses to have people work from home. He then announced a new executive order, no business in New York can have more than 50 percent of employees working away from home.

Then on Thursday, Cuomo updated his executive order no more than 25 percent of the workforce can work in the office.

"That means 75 percent of the workforce must stay home," Cuomo said. "We are taking this action to further reduce density across the state to slow the spread of coronavirus."

The new rule doesn't apply to essential services like supermarkets, pharmacies, medical facilities, the media and gas stations.

The continued goal for Cuomo and others is to "flatten the curve" in New York. Cuomo noted he took drastic action on Monday, by closing all restaurants, bars, gyms and movie theaters in the state, but noted on Tuesday more "dramatic steps" will likely need to be taken.

More "dramatic steps" were announced late Wednesday, all indoor portions of malls, bowling alleys and amusement parks must close by 8 p.m. on Thursday. There's no word on how long the new restrictions will be in place. However, stores with their own outdoor entrance can stay open.

Cuomo also said the state has bout 3,000 to 5,000 ventilators but experts tell him the state will need about 30,000 ventilators.

Cuomo confirmed over 1,700 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, bringing the statewide total to 4,152 confirmed cases. He announced 260 new confirmed cases in Westchester County, 23 new cases in Rockland County, 11 news cases in Dutchess County and 19 new cases in Orange County.

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