A Hudson Valley business is accused of trying to sell a mountain lion taxidermy on Craigslist.

Earlier this month, a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officer received a tip about a mountain lion taxidermy mount offered for sale on Craigslist in Wappingers Falls.

Another officer mentioned he saw the mount in the storefront window of a Wappingers Falls business.

The ECO then visited the business and explained it is illegal to sell parts of certain wildlife in New York. The uncooperative employee insisted it wasn't being offered for sale and any further questions would be answered by his brother, the owner of the store, according to the DEC.

Within minutes, the officer noticed that the online posting was allegedly deleted.

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The owner was contacted and charged with offering for sale any part of certain wild animals and illegal commercialization of wildlife. The owner was instructed not to sell or otherwise dispose of the mount while DEC's enforcement case is ongoing.

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