There will be not one, but two, meteor showers that will peak this week across the night sky. Skywatchers and astronomy buffs will be treated to both the Draconids meteor shower and the Southern Taurids.

The Draconids are considered a minor meteor shower, with usually about ten meteors per hour. They are expected to peak Tuesday and Wednesday night. AccuWeather says they are best seen before midnight, though the Moon could hinder some of the viewing this year.

The Southern Taurids, like the Draconids, are a minor shower, though AccuWeather says they can occasionally erupt into bright fireballs that streak across the sky. They will be best seen Wednesday and Thursday night.

AccuWeather says that during peak shower time, you can spot the meteors in any part of the sky, rather than just focusing on one area. You just want to be away from city lights, or any sort of glare that could hinder viewing.

So, how's the forecast holding up for the Hudson Valley? Unfortunately, like many other times, not so great. Tuesday will be the best night for viewing conditions with partly cloudy skies and lows in the upper 30s. Wednesday though, will see clouds rolling in that could prevent any good skywatching. Thursday brings a pretty good shot for rain, with a large storm looming off the Atlantic coast, so this is probably a no go.

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