Weather experts believe the Hudson Valley and Tri-State area will see lots of snow and cold this winter.

On Friday, AccuWeather's long-range forecast team released its annual winter forecast. Forecasters say this coming winter will hit the Northeast hard and is predicting a "stormy" and "active winter season" for the region.

AccuWeather Long-range Forecaster Paul Pastelok believes above-normal snowfall could fall from New York City to Boston.

“Whether or not it’s snowstorms, ice storms or mixed events, I do feel this is going to be an active year for the Northeast,” Pastelok said.

Looking on the bright side, most of the snowstorms, ice storms and frigid temperatures aren't expected until 2020. But once the New Year arrives an active winter weather season is predicted.

“I think you’re going to see a touch of winter come in in December. But I think its full force will hold out until after the new year," Pastelok said.

The Farmers' Almanac agrees with AccuWeather's predictions. It's predicting the Northeast to experience colder-than-normal temperatures for much of the upcoming winter and above-average snowfall.

"Our outlook forewarns of not only a good amount of snow, but also a wintry mix of rain, sleet—especially along the coast," The Farmers' Almanac wrote in it's Winter 2019-20 Outlook.

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